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Reduce Your eCommerce Customer Acquisition Costs-A Brief Overview

The cost of acquiring customers is a critical eCommerce performance metric. And for a good reason: If the cost is too high, profits and sustainability suffer. What's needed is a low-cost strategy, one that combines inexpensive, targeted traffic with above-average conversion rates.

Traffic & Conversions for eCommerce

Consumers in 2022 rely on Google search for product discovery. Merchants can drive inexpensive traffic from Google with top organic rankings and affordable pay-per-click ads. Creating higher conversions is not luck. It's rooted in the human behavior of avoiding risk, hassle, and waste.

  • Low risk. Consumers need affirmation before buying a product. They want to know what others are purchasing. They seek "herd behavior" to minimize the risk ,thinking If everyone else is doing it, it must be the right choice.
  • No hassle. Moreover, modern consumers demand fast and easy decisions.
  • Efficient spending. Lastly, consumers fear missing out on a good deal, such as a limited-time sale or one-time incentives. FOMO—Fear of Missing Out—drives sales.

Merchants who minimize risk, emphasize easy decision-making and demonstrate value will experience higher conversions. 

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User Generated Content

For many merchants, the answer to affordable traffic and higher conversions is user-generated content.

Consumers value the opinions of fellow shoppers, whose ratings, reviews, and answers are authentic and therefore trusted. Such User-Generated Content (UGC)on an eCommerce site accelerates conversions by minimizing risk, simplifying decision-making, and stressing value via FOMO.

Plus, UGC typically contains the words and phrases used by searchers on Google, elevating a site's rankings inorganic search results.

UGC can also lower the cost of paid traffic. Merchants can attach customers' star ratings to Google Ads, elevating the Ads' visibility on search result pages while communicating trust. The result is more clicks for less money.

Traffic & Conversion Stack

Amazon example of star ratings and reviews

Amazon is the pioneer in maximizing UGC. The company's product pages feature both ratings and reviews and Q&A. Both are strategically placed with the stars, number of ratings, and Q&A immediately following the product name and description.

But UGC is not limited to Amazon. Merchants can achieve even better results with Shopper Approved's Traffic & Conversion Stack, a simple, innovative platform of seller ratings, product reviews, Q&A, social evidence, and website security seals. It incorporates all the trust signals, product information, and social proof the consumer's want, when and where they want it.

Shopper Approved's Traffic & Conversion Stack produces higher conversions, cheaper traffic—and lower customer acquisition costs. With the Shopper Approved Traffic & Conversion Stack, any website can now have the same look and feel as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and all the leading eCommerce websites that have the highest trust and conversions

Give Your Website the Amazon Conversion Advantage with the Shopper Approved Traffic & Conversion Stack Traffic and Conversion Stack by Shopper Approved

The Bottom Line

Lowering customer acquisition costs doesn't have to be a time-sucking black hole. By strategically leveraging UGC in the form of ratings and reviews and optimized Q&A, you can super charge search-engine optimization, improve pay-per-click performance, and dramatically increase conversions. The result? Much lower Customer Acquisition Costs.

Traffic & Conversion Stack

Shopper Approved's Traffic & Conversion Stack combines seller ratings, product reviews, Q&A, and website security seals, resulting in dramatically improved paid and organic traffic while generating more trust, and industry-leading conversion rates.

The T&C Stack automatically search-optimizes your ratings and reviews and every question-and-answer on your website's product pages.

Once optimized for Google, this content appears in potentially thousands of long-tail search results on page one, even the coveted Featured Snippet for your brand and products — all pointing directly back to your site.

Plus, T&C Stack adds stars to Google's Product Listing Ads and Shopping Ads, substantially improving performance.

The effect is better SEO, affordable pay-per-click costs, higher conversions — and lower-cost customer acquisition.

About Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved was founded in 2010 as an eCommerce Rating and Review company, for Seller, Product, and Video Reviews. And has been a Certified Google Review Partner for both Seller and Product Reviews since 2013.

Shopper Approved has since collected over 57 million reviews for over 26,000 eCommerce sites and has been recognized by Inc. as one of America’s 500 fastest-growing companies for 2-years in a row, while also being recognized by Capterra and G2 as the highest-rated review platform on the web.

In addition to collecting and syndicating search-optimized reviews, Shopper Approved also offers a highly search-optimized Q&A tool, as well as website security. These tools individually and collectively improve both paid and organic search traffic and conversion rates.

We also provide a 45-day free trial of our Seller Ratings, and there is no credit card required. You may also schedule a customized demonstration.

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