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Get trusted reviews, drive more traffic, and increase revenue

Collect 10x more reviews with the highest-rated review platform on the web by G2.

Shopper Approved
allows you to easily get verified user-generated content such as product reviews, seller ratings, video reviews, and Q&A on your website by simply adding a widget to the backside of your existing ecommerce platform.


Shopper Approved has been a trusted Google Partner for over nine years. Using our trusted syndication network, get your reviews listed on other sites like Google, TrustPilot, and Yotpo, increasing your presence and driving more traffic to your website.


We are the highest-rated review platform on the web (according to G2 and Capterra).


Our product can work on any shopping cart platform, from Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, to your home-grown system. As always, the integration and our U.S.-based support is free!

Don't worry, adding the Shopper Approved widget does not slow down your site in any way. 


Over the last twelve years, Shopper Approved has helped thousands of businesses just like yours get 10x more verified product reviews and increase their traffic and conversions.


Fill out the form to get a free 45-day trial, no credit card required.




When you sign up today, you keep the following bonuses, even after the trial ends:

  • A Shopper Approved search-optimized certificate page
  • Review syndication to Google Ads and Google Shopping
  • A high domain authority (DA) backlink to your website



Learn more about each product:

Product Reviews | Seller Ratings | Video Reviews | Q&A | Social Evidence | Reputation Management | Website Security


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