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Get more customers to buy now with Social Evidence

  • Get up to a 15% increase in conversions
  • Multiple options for displaying social proof
  • Motivate with ethical FOMO and special offers
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What is Social Evidence?

Social Evidence is a tool that uses small pop-ups to display proven psychological motivators to buy now, including four different types of social proof, scarcity, loss aversion, and promotions.

Shopper Approved - Evidence Widgets

Why do I need Social Evidence?

Social Evidence increases your conversion rates by combining proven strategies to motivate more of your customers to buy.

Social Evidence will help increase sales

With real-time widgets on your website, you can effectively convey various types of social proof, such as popularity, demand, and positive reviews by showing that others have recently visited your site, bought from you, or even left a positive review and endorsements for your website and products.

Popularity combined with ethical FOMO (fear of missing out) are emotionally persuasive factors that significantly influence shoppers to buy.

We call this type of persuasion data "social evidence," and it’s very influential because of its ability to create an instant positive emotional response in buyers, increasing your sales by up to 15%.

FOMO - Fear of missing out

Improve your conversion rates in
  3 different ways

Number 1

Use widgets to amplify social
proof and create trust


Display recent Product Reviews from customers that have bought the same product your visitors are currently considering buying, so they can see that others have made the same purchase and are happy with it.

Social Evience widget for reviews
Social Evience widget for streaks


Streaks are very compelling because they show a large number of actions taken over any timeframe you choose. These streaks can be total overall product purchases, total individual product purchases on specific product pages, registrations, downloads, or other relevant actions. Potential customers love this type of group-based social proof, because they can instantly see that many others have successfully gone before them, which creates an incredible amount of confidence and trust.



Conversions are individual actions taken by your customers and then displayed individually in real time—giving your shoppers the ability to see a more personal type of social proof to which they can instantly relate. Conversions can show information like your customer's first name, city, and state, along with what action they took and when, and can include relevant data points like recent purchases, appointment bookings, opt-ins, subscriptions, and other actions.

Social Evience widget for reviews
Social Evience widget for streaks

Visitor count

Visitor count gives you the ability to ethically utilize FOMO to gently persuade potential customers to take action at the very moment that they are looking at your products or services and considering whether they should buy.

You can display how many people are viewing a particular product in real time, which is a powerful motivator—creating a unique combination of both reassurance and urgency for your customers to buy.

Number 2

Use call-to-action widgets to
display limited-time offers


In addition to social proof, you can also create announcements to let visitors know about promotions, new features, company updates, awards, downtime, new products, holidays, incentives, limited supplies—pretty much anything you want to say or point out to people visiting your website.

Social Evience widget for Announcements
Social Evience widget for streaks

Special offers

You can also create special offers. These can be a great way to drive traffic and immediate conversions to specific products, whether they be new items, sale items, or even discounted or discontinued items. You can even do a fire sale or a special limited-time offer.

Number 3

Use boomerang tabs to bring
shoppers back to your website

A boomerang tab is a special browser tab that scrolls social proof across it, creating just enough movement to grab your shopper's eye if they happen to leave your site and open a new tab. The movement of the boomerang tab will bring their attention back to your website, where you have an additional conversion opportunity.

Social Evience widget for Boomering Prompt
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