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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Shopper Approved

Q: Is Shopper Approved legit?
A: Yes. Shopper Approved is a legitimate business that only curates genuine reviews. Large companies like 1800Contacts, Quicken Loans, and 1800Flowers all trust Shopper Approved to help collect and distribute customer ratings and reviews. Shopper Approved has even been an official Google Review Partner for more than 9 years.

Q: Is Shopper Approved worth it?
A: Yes. Shopper Approved is the web's #1 rated review platform and is a two-time winner of Inc. 500's "Fastest Growing Company in America." Their strategic partnerships with companies like Yahoo, Bing and Google have led to countless client successes and are used by large companies like 1800flowers and VividSeats.

Q: Is shopper Approved trustworthy?
A: Yes. Shopper Approved is a review aggregator company that does not allow purchasing fake reviews. They are a long-time Google Review Partner, meaning they meet Google's rigorous partner requirements. Shopper Approved works hard to ensure that the reviews the customer sees about your company are trustworthy.

Q: What is Shopper Approved?
A: Shopper Approved is a cloud-based solution that aids eCommerce sites in increasing organic traffic and conversions. It achieves this by curating user reviews. Shopper Approved collects, promotes and manages honest user-generated reviews and ratings across the web to help maintain your brand's reputation and credibility, leading to more sales.

Q: Does Shopper Approved increase organic traffic?
A: Yes, by up to 4x. Shopper Approved's 'Traffic & Conversion Stack' utilizes user-generated content to boost your organic traffic by up to 400%. Their tools can get your Q&A answered in Google's Featured Snippets at the top of search results, create conversions using video reviews, and more.

Q: Does Shopper Approved increase conversion rate?
A: Yes, by up to 9x. Shopper Approved is the first to offer a 'Traffic & Conversion Stack,' an integrated suite of highly effective tools that maximize conversion rates. Comparable strategies have been implemented by giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy but are now available in a ready-to-use format for eCommerce businesses.

Q: Does Shopper Approved increase sales revenue?
A: Yes. Shopper Approved's strategy includes using user-generated content to dominate search engine results and Google's Featured Snippets, flesh out a helpful Q&A section, and curate real reviews. By leveraging genuine user reviews to build reputation and customer trust and increase page rankings, Shopper Approved lets you increase CLV, reduce support costs, up your traffic, and turn customer questions into sales.

Q: Does Shopper Approved reduce CAC?
A: Yes. Shopper Approved helps you reduce Customer Acquisition Costs by focusing on increasing organic traffic and conversion rates at a lower cost. Their Traffic & Conversion stack focuses on curating real-life reviews and ratings to improve SEO, and increase Customer Lifetime Value and conversion rates, thus lowering CAC.

Q: Does Shopper Approved increase click-through rate?
A: Yes, by up to 5.5x. One of the ways Shopper Approved increases click-through rates is by collecting user-generated content to create search-optimized Question & Answer sections. Their tools help make helpful and honest content available to users, thus increasing the CTR.

Q: Does Shopper Approved increase online trust?
A: Yes. Shopper Approved notes that shoppers look for trust signals before they buy online. Shopper Approved helps you curate reviews to provide the positive Social Proof your customers need to make it through the checkout process.

Q: How much does Shopper Approved cost?
A: Pricing ranges from $149-449 per month per bundle. Shopper Approved's services can be purchased as a bundle or al la carte. First-time users can take advantage of a free 45-day trial, may book a demo, or request a quote for a la carte selections.

Q: What are Shopper Approved reviews?
A: Shopper Approved consistently receives 4 and 5-star reviews on G2, Trust Pilot, Google and other trusted review sites. Most customers mention how easy and straightforward it is to get started and collect customer reviews, as well as the reliability and quality of Shopper Approved's customer service.

Q: Is Shopper Approved better than Yotpo?
A: Yes. GetApp, G2, and Capterra users gave Shopper Approved higher ratings than Yotpo. Shopper Approved includes video tutorials, response management and review monitoring and is available to freelancers, whereas Yotpo does not include those features. Shopper Approved got consistently higher ratings for its ease of use and setup, ease of administration, and the quality of support.

Q: Is Shopper Approved better than Trust Pilot?
A: Yes. Sites like G2, Capterra and GetApp all rank Shopper Approved higher than Trustpilot. Their knowledge base, video tutorials, website integration and widgets are features that Trustpilot doesn't offer. Users ranked Shopper Approved higher in ease of use and setup, the quality of support, the ease of administration, and more.

Q: Is Shopper Approved better than Reviews IO?
A: Yes. Real users ranked Shopper Approved higher than Reviews IO in ease of use and setup. Shopper Approved offers Community Q&A and Authentication, which Reviews IO does not, and was ranked higher in their efforts to validate user reviews, monitor digital media, and on their customer service.

Q: Is Shopper Approved better than Ekomi?
A: Yes. Shopper Approved consistently receives higher reviews all over the internet. Shopper Approved boasts 4.8 stars and 79% 5-star reviews on Trust Pilot, while eKomi has 1.8 stars and 73% 1-star reviews.

Q: How can I improve SEO and create relevant content?
A: Use Shopper Approved. Shopper Approved's proven strategies to collect and curate genuine user reviews and create user-generated Q&A can get your business and content in Google's Featured Snippets, high up in the search engine results. The best content you can use is real reviews by actual clients, and Shopper Approved helps the right content get to your potential clients.

Q: How to get Shopper Approved?
A: Once you sign up for Shopper Approved services, you will have Shopper Approved seals, widgets, and other personalized seller review integration tools available that you can place on your website to increase credibility with both customers and Google.

FAQ's on Seller Ratings

Q: Do consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?

A: Yes. Research shows that 88% of consumers think that online reviews are as trustworthy as recommendations they receive from people they know, leading Google to develop a review system. People pay attention to product reviews and seller ratings when researching products and services they are interested in.

Q: Do seller ratings help businesses?
A: Yes, seller ratings can lead to higher click-through rates, and higher CTRs mean more traffic and a boost in sales. Google's research indicates that CTR performance can increase by 17%. Combining seller ratings with product reviews may lead to even better results, with a bump of up to 107%.

Q: How do you find a brand's seller rating?
A: Look on the search engine results page. The easiest way to find out how customers rate a brand is to conduct a Google search. You will see the star rating under the brand listing for those that have them, along with the number of customer reviews the brand received.

Q: Where will my business's Google ratings show up?
A: Search engine results page, Google Ads and Google Shopping. In addition to appearing in organic searches, consumers will see your seller rating when your Google Ad turns up in their search results. Google Shopping lists also display your ratings next to your brand name for a product listing.

Q: Are Google seller ratings important?
A: Yes, Google seller ratings are important. Customers want to purchase products and services from brands they know they can trust. Google's seller ratings give consumers an indication of others' experiences with a brand, but they can also help businesses gain credibility with potential customers and boost ad performance.

Q: Are Google product ratings different than seller ratings?
A: Yes. Google product ratings inform potential buyers about other consumers' experiences with a specific product, where seller ratings speak to a brand's reputation. A product rating provides consumers insight into the item's quality and performance, while a seller rating helps them find trustworthy brands to do business with.

Q: Can you tell the difference between a Google seller rating and a product rating?
A: Yes, you can tell the difference between a seller and product rating. Google uses color to differentiate between the two. Though seller ratings are yellow for search engine results, product ratings display in Google Shopping lists as yellow stars and seller ratings turn to green.

Q: Where do Google's product ratings come from?
A: Multiple sources. Google's ratings are an aggregate of data gathered from multiple sources. The ratings can come from customers, merchants, editorial sites and third-party aggregators. Google's method saves consumers the effort of going to each individual source themselves, providing a big-picture view right where most searchers first see a product.

Q: Which are more important: product ratings or seller ratings.
A: It depends. If you are a retailer selling your own products, the product ratings are going to be as important as the seller ratings. If you sell other brand's products, seller ratings may be more important, as you want searchers to know how much your customers like doing business with you.

Q: Can any business get their seller ratings on Google?
A: No. Google establishes a threshold for when it begins displaying seller ratings. Businesses need 100 unique reviews during the previous year, with an average 3.5-star rating or higher. It gets a little trickier if you do business in multiple countries, as you must meet this bar for each one.

Q: Will my seller ratings show up when I expand my business to a new country?
A: No. As of 2018, Google displays only the seller ratings you receive for each individual country. When you start doing business in a new country, you must get 100 reviews from customers in that country with a 3.5-star average before searchers in the new territory begin seeing your seller ratings.

Q: My Google seller ratings disappeared. Can I get them back?
A: Yes. However, you will likely need to get more reviews. Google only displays seller ratings for brands with 100 ratings and at least a 3.5-star average in the previous 12 months. If your ratings disappeared, it likely means your ratings over the past 12 months did not meet Google's requirements.

Q: Will the product reviews from Amazon show up in the product reviews on Google Shopping?
A: No. Google Shopping only displays product ratings from customers who use the platform to leave a review, unless you pay to include third-party reviews. If you want product ratings to show up in Google Shopping lists, you need a merchant account and at least 50 product reviews.

Q: Do I need to advertise to get product ratings on Google Shopping?
A: Yes. However, running Google ads alone won't get your product ratings on Google Shopping. You can run ads without a merchant account, but you need a merchant account before your product ratings will show up on Google Shopping lists. You also need at least 50 ratings for each item.

Q: Are Google Seller Ratings worth it?
A: Yes, there is a calculable increase in click-through rate and conversion rate. Together, CTR and conversion rates make becoming a Google Trusted Store a valuable investment. For example, text ads with Google Seller Ratings have a 24% higher CTR and 26% more conversion. 

Q: Do Seller Ratings show a starred review?
A: Yes, an ad with Google Seller Ratings displays a numeric starred rating between 1 and 5. Google creates this rating by aggregating reviews and star ratings from various sources that collect reviews for businesses. This is an extension added at extra cost when you purchase a Google ad.

Q: Are there multiple ways to display a Seller Rating?
A: Yes, to display the Seller Rating extension for AdWords, you need to be a Google Trusted Store or a Google Trusted Source. To become a Trusted Store, you must submit an application and meet the listed requirements. To be a Trusted Source, you pay a fee each month.

Q: Do you have to meet certain requirements for Seller Ratings?
A: Yes, to qualify for Seller Ratings, you must have at least 30 reviews within a 12-month timeframe. The reviews must be unique and amount to an average rating of 3.5 stars or higher. These requirements are in addition to the Trusted Store or Trusted Source qualifications.

Q: Can you evaluate the performance of ads with Seller Ratings?
A: Yes, a study showed that you can measure the value of Seller Ratings. To get an accurate reading, you must ignore Search Partner ads and only look at non-brand search campaigns. CTR is lower for Search Partners, and brand ads are too bulky.

Q: Is there a reason ads with Seller Ratings perform better?
A: Yes, they take up more real estate. Ads with Seller Ratings have an additional line of text with a strong image. They stand out next to paid ads that do not have Seller Ratings. They also provide social proof, making the company seem confident.

Q: Is seller confidence important to consumers?
A: Yes. Seller confidence provides social proof. When a consumer comes across a company for the first time, they may have trepidation about providing their personal information. Ratings provide a sense of security because other consumers had positive experiences with the company.

Q: Does it makes sense to sign up for Google Trusted Stores?
A: Yes. Google Trusted Stores has a positive impact on the click-through and conversion rates. It is a great way to begin collecting reviews from multiple sights, especially if your company is more service-oriented or less traditional than other companies participating in eCommerce.

Q: How much do seller ratings cost?
A: Pricing for paid seller ratings depends on the package selected. Most are billed at a monthly rate. A per month price of $124 is a typical base price, with rates increasing up to around $449 for packages that deliver greater results.

Q: How can I get more seller ratings?
A: By working with Shopper Approved. The 2-step process for getting more seller ratings includes collecting information from about one third of shoppers, which is up to 10 times the number of reviews gained with other platforms.

Q: How can I get better seller ratings?
A: Using surveys by Shopper Approved. As a Google Review Partner, Shopper Approved interacts with customers through targeted surveys that collect Seller Ratings and Product Reviews. The results are then displayed on Google to attract more customers.

Q: Where to buy seller ratings?
A: Shopper Approved. There are a number of packages available, billed by the month, that work on the client's behalf to collect a greater number of seller reviews to display across Google and on various online marketing campaigns.

Q: What are seller ratings?
A: Seller ratings are reviews collected from the customer about a particular business. These reviews contain information about the customer's experience, including their opinion of the brand and satisfaction with the sales transaction and product.

Q: Why do I need seller ratings?
A: Seller ratings improve trust in the company and product, convincing larger numbers of potential customers to decide to make a purchase. Higher star ratings and numbers of ratings make a company or product stand out from the competition by increasing visibility and reputation.

Q: How do I get seller ratings?
A: Seller ratings collect data from past customers that is used to advertise a product or company. The experience the customer writes about drives other potential customers to trust in the brand and purchase from the company. Ratings gathered from previous customers are placed on Google, company websites, and used in prominent online advertising campaigns to create interest in a brand.

Q: Where to get seller ratings?
A: Shopper Approved, Google, and the company website. Many customers are eager to leave feedback when given the opportunity. Shopper Approved works by giving customers a survey to collect information. Other strategies include leaving an open-ended comment box where customers can write anything they desire, or quickly choose a star rating.

Q: Do seller ratings, Google seller ratings improve site traffic?
A: Yes, ratings are a proven way to improve search engine optimization, drive website traffic, and increase visibility. All of which leads to more customers and sales.

Q: Do seller ratings, Google seller ratings, seller reviews, merchant reviews, website reviews, online seller reviews improve SEO?
A: Yes. Displaying ratings and star reviews is a great way to improve SEO. Ratings help to improve rankings and relevance when it comes to search results. Ratings that contain key words and phrases about a product also increase SEO.

Q: Do seller ratings, Google seller ratings improve click-through rate?
A: Yes. Ratings typically improve click-through rates by up to 35%. Customers like to know that others have had a good experience, and seeing many reviews and ratings improves their level of trust that the particular item they are reading about is a good choice.

Q: Do seller ratings, Google seller ratings improve conversion rate, sales, revenue?
A: Yes. Increased SEO, click-through rates, and website traffic drives greater numbers of customers to follow through with buying something, leading to increased sales and revenue. Targeting positive reviews to users already interested in the product improves conversion rates up to nine times the average.

Q: Do seller ratings, Google seller ratings reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?
A: Yes. Seller ratings reduce customer acquisition cost by making a brand stand out from others. Reviews are displayed in multiple places, increasing visibility while maximizing the power of the review and keeping advertising costs low.

Q: How do seller ratings compare to product reviews?
A: Seller ratings differ from product reviews because they are about the customer's overall shopping experience, and not solely focused on the customer's satisfaction with the quality and performance of the purchased product. Seller reviews say more about the customer's interactions with the brand, company, website, and transaction details.

Q: How to get free seller ratings, Google seller ratings, seller reviews, merchant reviews, website reviews, online seller reviews
A: Invite customers to leave feedback and reviews after any brand interaction. There are many ways to do this. Have a designated comment box available to click on to submit feedback, send out emails, or offer surveys.

Q: Are seller ratings reviews worth it?
A: Yes. Seller ratings and reviews generate 17% better click-through rates, improve SEO, increase conversion rates up to 9 times, and increase traffic by up to 4 times.

Q: What to avoid with seller ratings?
A: Negative feedback and vague, unspecific reviews. Good ratings should talk about why the brand is a good choice. Negative comments should have answers showing the brand takes action to correct any issues. Honest opinions with real evidence of customer experience are best to create trust and build reputation.

Q: How to compare seller ratings?
A: Quantity and star rating. The majority of customers look for high numbers of ratings and reviews, along with a high star rating. The combination of these two factors is best to establish trust and prove that the brand has had enough business to build a positive reputation.

Q: How do I get stars in ads?
A: Increase seller ratings by working with Shopper Approved. Companies typically need to reach a minimum number of ratings and quality to show star ratings. Shopper Approved helps to gather up to ten times the number, for a fast way to get stars.

Q: What is a Google seller ratings partner?
A: A company approved to gather and display Seller ratings and reviews directly on Google. A Google seller ratings partner can place reviews on Google Ads, Google Product Listings Ads, Google Seller Ratings, Google Shopping, and Google Organic Search Results.

Q: How to increase Google ads Conversion rate?
A: With Shopper Approved. Greater numbers of reviews and increased brand trust and reputation leads to better conversion rates of up to 9 times the average.

Q: Are stars in ads helpful?
A: Yes. Many customers prefer to see both star ratings and written reviews to help them form an opinion on whether they make a purchase. Star ratings are an easy, visual tool to immediately gauge the past success and opinions of a product or brand and determine if it's worthwhile to continue to explore the ad for more information.

Q: How to increase Google ads click rate?
A: With Seller Ratings. These ratings help Google ads to stand out from others, capturing the attention of viewers and improving click-through rates by around 17%.

Q: How to get seller ratings in Google ads?
A: Shopper Approved offers customers a convenient survey. The survey is used to gather information on both customer experience and product satisfaction, which are then used on various targeted sites and marketing strategies to grow a brand's visibility, reputation, and trust.

FAQ's on Video Reviews


Q: Is it worth it for my eCommerce business to create videos?
A: Yes. Videos generally give businesses a high return on their investments. They are popular with consumers and relatively inexpensive and quick to produce. Videos increase traffic and engagement and boost conversion rates. Using both branding videos and commercials provide potential customers with useful information to help them on their buying journeys.

Q: How many people watch product testimonials before buying?
A: 62%. A majority of consumers rely on video reviews to help them make decisions about purchases. Video reviews are a form of consumer-driven content that provides potential customers with in-depth information. They are particularly helpful as consumers reach the decision stage of their buying journeys.

Q: Do consumers watch brand videos about their products or services?
A: Yes. Potential customers often look to brand information for details about a product or service, with 97% of video marketers indicating that video content increased consumer understanding. In one consumer survey, 84% of respondents indicated that a brand's video convinced them to purchase the company's service or product.

Q: Do videos help increase sales?
A: Yes. Overall, videos improves sales performance by 76%. If you include a video on your landing pages, it can bump your conversion rate by 80%. Video has become a preferred format for consuming information, and people increasingly rely on them for their purchasing decisions.

Q: Do consumers actually watch product videos?
A: Yes. A good product video provides viewers information about its features and uses. Many consumers prefer to watch videos over reading the specs or product descriptions. Though product videos can be useful for any merchant, eCommerce businesses in particular benefit from them.

Q: Do videos increase consumer engagement?
A: Absolutely. Video content provides viewers two modalities for receiving information. With both audio and visual input, consumers are more likely to remain engaged. People are usually drawn to movement more than static images, but video allows you to combine multiple visual and audio elements, including text, infographics, music and voiceovers.

Q: Do consumers trust a brand's product videos?
A: Yes. Product videos can actually be a great way to improve consumer trust in your brand and products. Consumers recognize how easy it is for businesses to write anything they want about a product to get it to sell. They trust what they see more than what they read.

Q: Where should I include videos for my eCommerce business?
A: Wherever you can. Placing videos in multiple locations can help steer potential customers further along the buying journey, guiding them from start to finish. Put them wherever your audience might go to discover information about brands and their products, including ads, social media, your homepage, product pages and landing pages.

Q: Do people share video testimonials?
A: Yes, frequently. People share videos, including testimonials, more than any other form of content. In fact, they repost videos on social media platforms 1,200 times more often than text and links combined. Word-of-mouth still hold the most sway with consumers, and shared video testimonials is a form of personal recommendation.

Q: What are the best types of videos for increasing conversion rates?
A: How-to, educational and customer testimonials. Detailed how-to or tutorial videos improve prospective customers' confidence in a product, while educational videos inform viewers about how your brand or industry helps solve a problem they have. Customer's video testimonials give you street cred and is the most powerful video for conversions.

Q: Do buyers stick to one digital channel for purchasing products?
A: Most use multiple channels. Research by Megastore indicates that 73% of consumers do their shopping across multiple channels rather than sticking to just one. Social media ads, video testimonials, email campaigns and website content can all increase visibility for your eCommerce business, boosting traffic and conversions.

Q: What is the best video content type for eCommerce businesses?
A: Video testimonials. In general, video testimonials are the strongest performers for eCommerce businesses. Approximately 90% of consumers indicate that online reviews influenced their buying decisions and more people prefer video content over any other content type, making video testimonials particularly appealing to your potential customers.

Q: Are videos an effective marketing tool for eCommerce businesses?
A: Yes, they are a powerful marketing tool. eCommerce businesses can see a significant improvement in customer conversions and retention. Creating engaging and compelling content is essential. It is also crucial to test how well each video performs to understand its effectiveness and impact on your bottom line.

Q: Where is the best placement for an eCommerce business's educational videos?
A: Anywhere but product pages. Educational videos provide information about your brand or industry. They're great for moving potential customers down the sales funnel, but they aren't as beneficial on product pages. Instead, place them on your website's homepage or about page, in blog posts or on your social media channels.

Q: What is the benefit of tutorial videos?
A: Improve consumer understanding. Tutorials are a flexible video content form. You can use them to explain how your industry works or the services you provide or to demonstrate how to use their products. They provide the greatest benefits when they are straightforward and clear, with step-by-step instructions.

Q: Do I have to spend a lot to make videos for my brand?
A: No. While you can make an investment in professional video production, you can also buy cost-effective equipment and handle the job yourself. Often, less polished videos are more relatable for your audience and create a better connection.

Q: Should I create different types of marketing videos?
A: Yes. It pays to make different styles of video to appeal to different buyers as they consider becoming your customers. Demos are great to show off what your product or service can do, while video testimonials and brand videos build trust with the audience. You can also produce videos for your own team to improve training.

Q: Can I use videos to improve conversions?
A: Yes. In a case study of B2B company Attivio, adding a "call-to-action" to a video helped improve engagement with the customer. The user became more likely to click through to a product page or download a demo and became better prospects for the sales team.

Q: Can I integrate my videos with other marketing materials?
A: Yes, and you should. Adding your videos to your emails and blogs can increase engagement. When B2B company Attivio added videos to emails that already delivered other types of content to subscribers, email clicks increased, leading to more visits to the website.

Q: Will videos help potential customers understand my product?
A: Yes and this is a great reason to make videos. When you sell software or services that are not straightforward or easily understood by every audience, a video showing how your system works and how it will benefit a customer can influence them to try your company.

Q: Should I post my videos on YouTube?
A: Yes. Adding your videos to YouTube can improve your company's visibility. YouTube is a search engine, so having content there for people to find can help them connect to your company. You can also use your YouTube channel as a way to create a library of content for your customers.

Q: Is it okay to share my videos on my business social media pages?
A: Yes and it is a good idea to use your videos to boost your social media pages. Many social media platforms offer more opportunity to feature videos in both long and short formats. You can use the videos you have already made to add to this content and keep your feed full of useful posts.

Q: Will videos help my website's SEO?
A: Yes. By creating a page on your website that features relevant videos and content, you can improve the chances of your website ranking in search engine results. Some search engines even offer dedicated video results, so your videos could be highlighted there.

Q: Can videos keep visitors on my website longer?
A: Yes. Videos are known to increase the amount of time a visitor spends on your webpage if the content is engaging and relevant. In an analysis of B2B company Attivio's use of videos, they found 100% longer average time-on-site per visitor when videos became a bigger part of the offerings on the site.

Q: Can my videos help my sales team?
A: Yes. Creating quality videos that show the power and possibilities your product will offer a client can offer your sales team new ways close deals. When a client has a question, it's a great benefit to be able to pull up a video that offers answers and makes it easy to see how a product will work.

Q: How much do video reviews cost?
A: Professionally filmed testimonials run from $3,500 to $15,000, but some review companies offer reasonably priced, high-quality reviews as a service. For example, Shopper Approved plans with video reviews start at $124 per month and also include seller ratings, Google seller rating syndication, an SEO microsite certificate, seller rating widgets, seals and milestone awards and a customer review resolution system.

Q: Where to buy video reviews?
A: Professional video production companies can create video testimonials for products. Some reviews are strictly user-generated and so are part of a basic review system. Marketing and review agencies, such as Shopper Approved, also have video review capabilities and can provide video services as a subscription, along with other review software and tools.

Q: What are video reviews?
A: Product review videos show content creators conducting extensive visual reviews of various products. Reviewers typically describe the product's features and explain its use, and usually cover both the positive and negative traits of the product. Advertisers use these videos to highlight products with models, samples and graphics.

Q: Why do I need video reviews?
A: Video reviews increase website traffic and conversion rates. Adding video to a website dramatically increases traffic and page views, and research shows that 62% of consumers engage with product review videos before completing a purchase. More significantly, surveys show that 84% of consumers purchase a service or product after viewing a video from the brand.

Q: How do video reviews work?
A: They are unbiased product overviews created by customers. Testimonials are similar but tend to be more professionally produced. Video reviews encourage consumers to engage with your brand by creating an impression of authenticity and the clear social proof in favor of your product.

Q: Where to get video reviews?
A: Get the best, most authentic videos from your customers. While you can hire a videography team to create professional testimonials, most customers want to see the responses of people like themselves. Companies like Shopper Approved provide video review platforms and software to help you let your customers share their experiences with your product or services.

Q: Ideas for video reviews?
A: Explain the top features of your product or service in a way that gets the attention of your target audience. Provide a walk-through of what to expect from the product or a service experience. Alternatively, tutorial-style review videos help potential customers decide if the service or product meets their expectations for purpose and usability.

Q: What are the benefits of video reviews?
A: Video reviews capitalize on the power of social proof in a measurable way. Consumers feel more comfortable making a purchase when they see other people interacting with and purchasing an item or service of interest. When video reviews are of an appropriate length and offer genuine value to your visitors, they increase conversion rates and encourage trust in your brand.

Q: Do video reviews improve site traffic?
A: Yes, video reviews can increase site traffic by 76%, although some sites see more significant increases. In addition, 87% of video marketers report increased traffic due to the addition of video to their websites. Videos on social media also drive traffic, as 53% of consumers claim that they've engaged with a product after viewing a video on video on social media.

Q: Do video reviews improve SEO?
A: In a word, yes. Video reviews improve your SEO performance by turning your linked result into a "rich snippet" with a video thumbnail. "Rich snippets" boast higher click-through rates than standard snippets. In addition, videos increase SEO value because visitors also spend twice as much time on sites with video content, while high-quality content encourages backlinking.

Q: Do video reviews improve click-through rate?
A: Yes, click-through rates improve with video reviews. In fact, emails that include video reviews or testimonials boost CTR by 300%, and Twitter video website cards, which are often user-generated reviews, improve CTR by 200% compared to standard video ads. They also increase audience retention by 60% or more.

Q: Do video reviews increase revenue?
A: Yes, video content can grow your revenue 49% faster than marketing strategies without video. Because video reviews increase click-through rates on searches and from social media links, and testimonials on landing pages improve audience retention rates, you'll reach your target audience more effectively and boost conversion rates.

Q: Do video reviews reduce CAC?
A: Yes. Since 79% of customers prefer video reviews about a brand or product, and emails with testimonials can raise click-through rates by 300%, brands using video reviews reduce customer acquisition costs with a higher ROI. Partnering with a review company like Shopper Approved can help you utilize automation and emphasize content marketing.

Q: How to use video reviews?
A: Use video reviews on your landing pages to increase conversion rates by 130%. User-generated product reviews on detail pages encourage visitors to engage with the product or services for longer, and emails with video also significantly raise click-through rates. Product reviews and informational or explanatory videos improve customer confidence in your product's value and useability.

Q: How to get free video reviews?
A: Make it easy for your customers to make their own video reviews. User-generated content in the form of video reviews is another way to leverage the impact of social proof. You can also create your own videos in-house using stock footage and editing apps to support real customer reviews.

Q: Are video reviews worth it?
A: Yes, because video reviews increase click-through rates by 300% and conversion rates by up to 80%. Since 92% of mobile video consumers share videos online and social videos are shared 12 times more often than images and text combined, landing, product and social pages with video extend your brand's reach.

Q: What to look for in video reviews?
A: Video reviews should be direct, honest and brief. Content creators should capture their target audience's attention within the first 10 to 20 seconds and use high-quality audio and video for clarity. Videos should be less than two minutes in length, as consumer engagement drops off significantly after that point.

Q: What to avoid with video reviews?
A: Avoid creating videos that are too long or have poor audio or visual quality. Low production values with unclear visuals or sound make it difficult for your audience to follow the description and erode trust in your brand. Video reviews should have good lighting and sound quality and be less than two minutes long.

Q: How to compare video review tools, apps?
A: Look for tools and apps that allow you to create various types of videos for different marketing purposes. The best video review tools and apps are versatile, so you can collect user-generated testimonials, quickly merge, edit and export videos from basic recordings and embed testimonials on your landing and product pages.

Q: Where to display video reviews?
A: Displaying video reviews and testimonials on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80%, and emails with videos improve click-through rates by 300%. Landing page videos encourage visitors to stay and engage with the site, while videos on product and service pages help consumers feel connected to current customers, per social proof.

Q: Why don’t my video reviews show in search results?
A: Video reviews won't appear in search results because your content isn't high quality or the search engine hasn't had time to index the site. Pages with too much text compared to video content won't receive the SEO boost because the reviews become lost in the "noise" of the page.

Q: What's the best tool, platform company, app for video reviews?
A: Shopper Approved offers impressive video review tools as part of their solution-based packages. The basic subscription plan also includes a Google seller rating syndication, an SEO microsite certificate, seller ratings and seller rating widgets, a customer review resolution system and milestone awards. All plans include free setup and support and a double your reviews guarantee.

Q: What are best practices for video reviews?
A: Top video reviews focus on specific buyer personas, demonstrate authenticity, emphasize transformational potential, and are two minutes or less. Customers expect to gain significant value in a short time, so open with critical and attention-getting details, provide information about the product and its potential to change the consumer's experience, and conclude with a clear call to action.

FAQ's on Product Reviews

Q: What are product reviews

A: Product reviews, also known as social proof, are written or video evaluations of products or services created by customers or users that are used to help consumers make informed decisions about purchases. Product reviews are also known as user-generated content.

Q: How much do product reviews, online product reviews cost?
A: $124 - $449 per month. The Shopper Approved Rating & Review Optimizer will help you collect more seller ratings and reviews than any other review platform for $124 to $449 per month, based on the package you select. The basic plan includes seller ratings, Google Seller Rating syndication, video reviews, a SEO microsite certificate, widgets, seals and awards and more.

Q: Best product review tool
A: Shopper Approved has many excellent features. The software helps you display 4 and 5-star reviews on your product pages which improves trust and credibility and helps your listings stand out. It also allows you to display reviews and ratings in Google's organic search results which drives traffic to your site.

Q: Where to buy product reviews, online product reviews?
A: Shopper Approved. Buy online product reviews from Shopper Approved. Shopper Approved reviews help build your brand and build instant trust and credibility. Product reviews also provide a consistent source of fresh content, product descriptions, and keywords to boost your SEO. Shopper Approved is an official Google Product Review Partner.

Q: What are product reviews, online product reviews?
A: Product reviews are an in-depth assessment of the quality and functionality of a product and the service provided by a seller. Product reviews help customers decide which products to buy and who to buy them from. Ratings and reviews are the top factors many customers consider when making a purchase decision.

Q: Why do I need product reviews, online product reviews?
A: You need online product reviews because customers cannot try out online products before they buy them. Reviews help build trust and assure customers that the product they are considering is worth the money. Reviews also boost sales by increasing your online visibility and conversions.

Q: How do product reviews, online product reviews work?
A: Online product reviews work by increasing customer confidence and conversion rates. Products with at least 50 reviews convert at a 46% higher rate than those without. Additionally, you need at least 150 reviews to get a Google Star rating. Because Google is the most used search engine, achieving this milestone gives you a competitive edge.

Q: Where to get product reviews, online product reviews?
You can get product reviews from a variety of sources, including soliciting customer reviews on your website, collecting reviews from third-party websites, and using a Google Review Partner like Shopper Approved to syndicate your reviews across paid and organic search. Additionally, you can use social media to solicit reviews from customers and influencers.

Q: Ideas for product reviews, online product reviews
A: There are many strategies you can employ to generate more reviews for your products. Make sure you feature reviews prominently on your site. If customers never see reviews, they probably won't think to submit them. Consider offering an incentive, such as a discount or a chance to enter a contest.

Q: Benefit of product reviews, online product reviews
A: Online reviews have multiple benefits. The more reviews you have, the better your conversion rates will be. One study found that products with at least five reviews are 270% more likely to lead to conversion than unreviewed products. Reviews also expand the reach of your marketing message, increase sales and build trust.

Q: Do product reviews, online product reviews improve site traffic?
A: Yes. Product reviews have tremendous SEO benefits because they add a consistent source of keywords, new content and product descriptions to your site. Fresh content is one of the key factors that the Google algorithm considers when ranking pages. The higher your page ranks the more visitors you will get.

Q: Do product reviews, online product reviews improve SEO?
A: Yes. Reviews and star ratings can improve the organic search rankings of your site by as much as 10%. Reviews provide fresh content for your site which is critical for improving search results. Additionally, reviews help you get Google Star Ratings, which make it more likely customers will click on your links.

Q: Do product reviews, online product reviews improve click-through rate?
A: Yes. Online product reviews can improve click-through rates in multiple ways. Improving Google Star Ratings can improve click-through rates by 25% or more. Positive reviews improve your company's reputation which boosts search rankings, resulting in more clicks. Reviews also boost click-through on Google's local search results.

Q: Do product reviews, online product reviews increase revenue?
A: Yes. Online product reviews can increase sales by an average of 18%. Google Star Ratings are one of the primary factors shoppers consider when making purchasing decisions. Increasing the number of product reviews for your products helps improve your Star Ratings which can lead to more sales.

Q: Do product reviews, online product reviews reduce CAC?
A: Yes. Online product reviews reduce your cost of customer acquisition because they build trust. 88% of shoppers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Winning potential customers' trust is one of the most effective ways to convert potential customers into customers.

Q: What are product reviews, online product reviews compared to Seller ratings?
A: Product reviews are testimonials from individual customers who have purchased a product. Seller ratings are a collection of ratings and reviews gathered and syndicated by Google Review Partners, such as Shopper Approved. Google Star Ratings help businesses stand out from their competition in search results.

Q: How to get free product reviews, online product reviews
A: There are a variety of ways you can get customers to submit free product reviews. Ask customers to submit reviews at the point of sale. Send customers a follow-up email that includes a request to leave a review. Explain the process and provide a link to make this process easy.

Q: Are product reviews, online product reviews worth it?
A: Yes. Online product reviews are worth it because of the many benefits they provide. Reviews improve SEO, increase conversions, boost revenue and increase your average order value. They also increase the visibility of your site, improve your reputation and build trust.

Q: What to look for in product reviews, online product reviews
A: When your customers read product reviews they are looking for transparency, authenticity, and engagement. Customers want to be able to experience your brand before they make a purchase. Look for reviews that fulfill these criteria. Customers must trust the authenticity of reviews. Otherwise, high ratings will not matter.

Q: What to avoid with product reviews, online product reviews
It is important to avoid biased reviews, reviews that are overly promotional, and reviews that contain false or misleading information.

Q: How to compare product reviews, online product reviews
A: Help customers compare product reviews by building a comparison page. Comparison pages compare the features, benefits, and ratings of different products to help customers choose the products they want to purchase. Your comparison pages should highlight the aspects of each product that most affect customers' decision-making process.

Q: Where to display product reviews, online product reviews
A: Display product reviews wherever your customers are. Some of the most popular places to display reviews include Yelp, Google, your website, social media, other review sites, and third-party seller sites. Shopper Approved can help you syndicate your product reviews to all the places your customers are.

Q: Why don’t my product reviews, online product reviews show in my Google shopping ads?
A: If your product reviews are not showing in your Google Ads, it is probably because you do not have enough reviews to qualify. Merchants must have at least 150 unique reviews in a rolling 12-month period for Google to display stars in search ads. Additionally, you must also have a minimum 3.5-star rating.

Q: What's the best tool, platform company, app for product reviews, online product reviews
A: Shopper Approved. Shopper Approved helps you turn visitors into loyal buyers with product reviews that help your products stand out, get noticed, and sell. Use the tool to display 4 and 5-star ratings next to your product page organic search listings on Google and increase your conversion rates.

Q: How can I get more product reviews?
A: You can get more product reviews by soliciting more reviews from your customers. However, for small businesses with low sales volume, this can be a slow process. You can get more results for your investment by using a review and rating tool, such as Shopper Approved.

Q: How can I get better product reviews?
A: There are four main ways to improve your product reviews. Include review forms on product description pages. Ask for reviews. Simplify the review process. Make reviews social. Shopper Approved can help you with all of these strategies by gathering and syndicating product reviews and helping you display them where your customers will see them.

Q: What are best practices for product reviews, online product reviews
A: There are multiple product review best practices. Display reviews and ratings above the fold. Turn on feedback for ratings. Do not omit bad reviews. Optimize your customer's visual content. Provide filters for customer types. Do not display average ratings until you have enough reviews to make them relevant.

Q: How to increase Google ads Conversion rate?
A: There are several strategies you can employ to increase your Google Ads conversion rates. Use a conversion tracking tool to measure your success. Use specific keywords. Refine your traffic with negative keywords. Review the search terms report to improve your keywords strategy.

Q: Are stars in ads helpful?
A: Yes. Star ratings on Google Ads increase clicks by 20-30%. To display Google Stars on your ads, you need at least 150 unique reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars. Shopper Approved can help you accumulate the reviews you need and improve your overall ratings.

Q: How to increase Google ads click rate?
A: Display Google Star Ratings. You can boost your Google Ad click rate by 20-30% by displaying Google Star Ratings on your ads. However, to qualify, you must have at least 150 unique reviews and an average rating of 3.5 stars. Shopper Approved can help you meet this requirement.

Q: How to get seller ratings in Google ads?
A: Get more positive reviews. You need a minimum of 150 unique customer reviews that have an average rating of 3.5 stars or better for Google Ads to display your seller rating on ads. The best way to achieve this goal is to use a review and rating tool, such as Shopper Approved.

Q: What is Product Reviews syndication?
Product Review Syndicating is the process of pushing product reviews from whatever Google Review partner software you’re using to collect and host reviews, and then syndicating or pushing them to 3rd party review sites, as well as syndicating your product reviews to search engines like Google and Bing.

The Bottom Line

Don’t settle on getting a fraction of the results with another review provider. Shopper Approved can take your business to the next level.