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The Easiest Traffic &
Conversion Solution

The Traffic & Conversion Stack builds massive ‘off-page’
visibility and traffic in Google, while simultaneously creating the most ‘on-page’ trust, social proof, and credibility, to drive record conversions and sales.

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Dramatically Increase
Your Traffic and Your Conversion
At The
Same Time

The Traffic & Conversion Stack (T&C Stack for short) is a specific combination and sequence of trust building tools that combine Seller ratings, Product reviews, Q&A, Website Security Seals, and other User-Generated Content (UGC), to dramatically improve your paid and organic traffic, while generating up to a 75% conversion rate.

Increases traffic & conversion at the same time

How the Traffic & Conversion Stack Improves Paid and Organic Traffic

Improve your Paid and Organic Traffic, Simply and Automatically

The T&C Stack automatically search optimizes both your brand created and User-Generated Content (UGC) to leverage every rating and review, and every question and answer on your website’s product pages.

Once optimized for Google, this valuable content is prominently displayed in potentially 1000’s of long-tail search results for your brand, your products, and your reviews - all pointing directly back to your site. This is a powerful SEO tool that will simply and automatically add trustworthy and authoritative content, high domain authority “do-follow” backlinks, and the very trust signals that both Google and shoppers alike are looking for.

In addition, your paid ads, Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping Ads will perform far better with stars in your ads. In fact, Google says that paid ads with stars have an average click-through rate increase of 17%. Simple. Automatic. Powerful.

Improve Your Conversion Rate Without Endless A/B Testing.

The T&C Stack provides your shoppers with highly-effective decision making tools that are proven to influence buyer behavior. Each tool in the stack is engineered to create more trust and credibility in both your website and your product, in the right place and at the exact moment your shoppers need it, and expect it.

How the traffic & conversion stack improves conversion rate

Amazon and Other Leading
Brands Use The T&C Stack Model

For years, Amazon, Best-Buy, Walmart and other leading eCommerce giants have leveraged the T&C Stack model to generate massive amounts of free, highly-targeted traffic in Google, while simultaneously sending their conversion rates through the roof! They have set the UX gold standard that customers like, trust, and expect to see, which means that if you don’t use the T&C Stack, your site is at a significant disadvantage.

The Amazon T&C Stack Model
Shopper Approved - Checklists


91% of shoppers chose a product page with the T&C Stack, over an identical product page without it.

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Every shopper has 3
critical conversion

Can I trust this Company?

Seller Ratings and Reviews from verified customers, and an average star rating of 4.2 or higher will help shoppers trust your company. Shoppers look at the quality, quantity, and recency of reviews.

Can I trust this Product?

Authentic Product Ratings and Reviews from verified customers, combined with Q&A help shoppers trust your products when their questions are resolved.

Can I trust this Transaction?

88% of shoppers are more likely to buy if a product page has a ‘Website Security’ badge or a ‘Secure Transaction’ link next to the ‘Buy Now’ button. The Trust Guard Secure Transaction seal has been independently tested to increase conversion rate by 19% and AOV by 71%.

Traffic & COnversion stack - products

Each tool in the T&C Stack is designed to drive Maximum Results.

Every tool in the T&C Stack is strategically designed to attract as many potential customers as possible, convince them to buy, and then actually convert them into sales. We start by maximizing the attention of potential buyers during the discovery phase of their product search, significantly increasing the likelihood of them visiting your site. Then, once on your site, we use very strategic, highly influential tools located in optimal locations to lead them down a path of education, social proof, trust, and conversion to truly maximize your sales.

Traffic & Conversion are no longer ‘Separate’ Strategies.

With the T&C Stack, for the first time ever, you can exponentially increase both your off-page visibility and traffic, and your on-page conversion at the same time. And when you do it right, you can increase your organic search traffic up to 4x, and your website conversion rates by up to 9x, just like other clients of ours have done.

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Only Shopper Approved offers
the T&C Stack.

Other review platforms may have tools that look similar on the surface, but behind the scenes they are vastly inferior to the tools we provide. It’s taken over 15 years of development, strategy, negotiations, partnerships, and integrations to successfully launch the T&C Stack. While most review platforms build basic tools to ‘check the box’ so they can sell a cheap product to the masses, we push the limits to truly enhance and leverage each tool in order to maximize their effectiveness.

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Don’t worry about integration. We’ll take care of everything.

Regardless of your shopping cart or platform, Shopper Approved can easily be added to your website. Our professional U.S. based integration team installs everything for you, our styling team checks that everything looks seamless for that native look and feel, and our friendly onboarding team ensures you’re involved throughout the entire process.

The Bottom Line

Shopper Approved Skyrockets Traffic & Conversions
With Our Integrated Suite of eCommerce Growth Tools.