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Shopper Approved
+ LoyaltyLion

App & integration documentation

Shopper Approved & LoyaltyLion Integration Graphic

LoyaltyLion is a customer loyalty software solution that allows you to effectively collect and manage rewards points for your clients. Shopper Approved now integrates with LoyaltyLion, which gives you the unique ability to reward your customers for collecting and sharing their reviews.

Shopper Approved & LoyaltyLion Integration Graphic

The review partner you can trust

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Here’s how to use Shopper Approved  
and LoyaltyLion together:

Give your customers loyalty points for creating and sharing reviews

If you use LoyaltyLion for your loyalty program, you can award loyalty points to your customers when they take certain actions on Shopper Approved.

Collect Loyalty Points
More reviews and social proof

More reviews and social proof

Offering loyalty points in exchange for product reviews, customer photos, video reviews, and social shares on Shopper Approved generates more social proof that you can leverage publicly to build greater trust and credibility.

Generate more initial sales and repeat sales over time

Having more reviews, photos, videos, and social shares on Shopper Approved significantly increases sales and average order value (AOV) up front, while the increased loyalty points and positive feedback help to create brand loyalty, which increases repeat purchases over time.

Generate more sales over time
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