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Small Business Resources You Should Know About

Small Business Resources

We want your business to have the information it needs. That's why we have provided a list of small business resources for your convenience.

For start-ups, Fundera is an easy way to apply for a business loan to multiple lenders with only one application. Those lenders can choose what offers to make you based on your application, and you can be funded quickly once you’ve accepted an offer! There are multiple loan types available and have a list of quality lenders that are receiving your application.

Fundable is another way that a new, small business can raise funds through crowd-sourcing. This allows more people to invest in a new product or company, quickly and effectively raising the necessary funds to launch.

For the ‘Small’ Stuff to Get Ready to Launch

Upwork is a job board for services that can be completed on a computer. Offered on the site are services ranging from the eBook cover design to programming a website. Both are freelance platforms and great for small business resources.

It’s a great place to hire out work to get a small business ready to launch. Upwork may also be a key place to find new clients for your start-up if you’re offering a service that can be done online (web design, graphic design, etc.).

You can check out this awesome article by Time Doctor that will help you better use Upwork. From pricing to getting the most out of your freelancer, this post has numerous tips to help you navigate the ups and downs of a freelance platform. 

Similar to Upwork is Fiverr, better for hiring out small gigs that will get your business or website ready to launch.

With thousands of freelancers on these sites, it’s easy to get the job you need to be done within your price point.


Alignable is an online network designed for small business owners to connect, recommend products/services, and encourage each other. You can ask other business owners questions and be recommended yourself!

By attending conferences, you open yourself up to creating deeper connections with people face-to-face. Eventbrite is a great way to find conferences in your area that will allow you to meet like-minded people who can offer insight, recommendations, or even refer clients to you!

What other resources do you recommend for small business owners? Look for other resources on our blog as well!

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