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Different Ways to Sell a Product or Service

You’ve created a new product, started importing or manufacturing, and you’re ready to sell. So what are the different ways you can make selling a product or service?


If you’re an e-commerce retailer, then of course you’re selling your products online. While you really should have your own website, if you’re selling through Instagram, a marketplace, or other online outlets, you’re doing okay. 51% of people in the U.S. prefer to shop online, with that number increasing for younger generations (Millennials), so having that online presence is crucial.

If you aren’t selling online, then stop everything else you are doing and GET ONLINE. With the trend moving quickly toward e-commerce for most shopping needs, it’s crucial to be where the crowd is. Many retailers are facing bankruptcy or are closing physical stores on their own and making the transition mostly or strictly online. That’s evidence enough that online is where everybody should be.

Physical Store

Some people still prefer to walk into a store to touch and test a product before buying. This doesn’t make sense for many retailers to do, especially as e-commerce becomes more relevant. But it’s important to listen to the needs of your customers and respond appropriately.

You could be in your own physical store, or depending on the product, secure shelf or wall space in a big retailer. Paying for shelf space in Walmart, Target, or another massive retailer isn’t always profitable though.

If you’re selling clothing or other wearables, you could also try to get your products into an already established boutique! Again, keep an eye on margins, but this could be a great way to provide a way for customers to try out your products before buying without having a store all to yourself.

Sales Team

This is a method of selling that Shopper Approved has effectively used since 2010. Our sales teams contact businesses offering our products, and the end goal is to convince them that we offer the best value. Depending on the product you’re selling, like if it’s unique and there’s nothing else like it, hiring a sales team or being a salesman yourself will probably be the best way to sell your product. You can get face-to-face with your potential customers and show them what you have.

Over the Phone

It seems like this method of selling would go away, but it ties right in with having a sales team. Warm leads or cold calls can still get sales, and will at least raise brand awareness. It seems that this method of selling falls under B2B sales more than B2C, but it’s ultimately your judgment call on what will work for your business.

The best part of all of this is that you don’t have to pick only one way to sell! Providing a way for shoppers to purchase your products or find service through multiple channels is called omnichannel and is becoming increasingly popular.

To learn more about omnichannel selling and marketing, check out this article here.

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