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How Q&A Doubled Traffic for ePestSupply

An Ecommerce Case Study: ePestSupply.com

ePestSupply Turns to Shopper Approved and Answerbase to Grow Search Traffic, Increase Sales, and Reduce Costs

“Answerbase has doubled the overall traffic to our ecommerce site and increased our organic search traffic by four times… sending tens of thousands of new customers to our site each month!”


ePestSupply was a pioneer in offering online purchasing of professional pest control products and today their name and website are globally recognized, with customers in over 35 international countries.

Their pest control experts and certified entomologists are licensed, seasoned professionals who can help with almost any pest, termite, lawn, weed, or wild animal problem.

THE GOAL: Increase Sales Through Thought Leadership and Organic Search Traffic

Ron Dawson, owner of ePestSupply, recognized the value of putting all of their experience and expertise online in order to build a valuable content library that would help customers.

“It’s difficult to understand how a customer thinks sometimes. The information we have on certain products in our catalog may not address the particular concern the customer has.”

Not only did Dawson want to effectively address his customer’s needs, but he also wanted to have the relevant answers and information in a format which could help his bottom line. He recognized that the same questions his team answers for customers every day are also asked through search engines regularly as people look for answers to their pest problems.

“I needed a way to answer questions from customers and put them in a searchable format for reference. Everything was kept in emails and there was no way to put the emails online for everyone to see and reference.” ~ Ron Dawson

This created the opportunity for a huge upside if ePestSupply could find the right solution to
appropriately manage and distribute these questions and answers in a way that was friendly for SEO. These goals led them to Shopper Approved Q&A powered by Answerbase.

THE SOLUTION: Integration of Answerbase’s Ecommerce Q&A Platform via Shopper Approved

ePestSupply teamed up with Shopper Approved and Answerbase to power ecommerce Q&A on their site.

“Answerbase was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and very affordable.”

Answerbase’s ecommerce Q&A was installed on ePestSupply’s product pages. If customers can’t find the information they’re looking for in the product description, they can view the most popular questions for each product or ask their own question.

Questions that have previously been answered are automatically shown, resolving the visitor's problem so they can continue with their purchase immediately.

When the visitors have brand new questions, they can easily submit those for ePestSupply to answer. This influx of previously unasked questions helps continually build the Q&A database for future customers.

Additionally, Answerbase creates a new landing page for each Q&A thread so when other potential customers are asking similar product questions via a search engine, they will be led to ePestSupply’s website content, resolving the searcher's question and creating an opportunity for an immediate sale of the correct product.

THE RESULTS: Increased Conversions and Sales, Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs, and Consistent Growth of Organic Traffic

With the help of Shopper Approved Q&A powered by Answerbase, ePestSupply accomplished their goals, increasing sales while simultaneously reducing costs.

“Answerbase gives us a way to respond to each individual question and links those questions to individual products. This increases purchases for certain products and also increases sales. It also reduces costs because a lot of questions are very similar, and a customer may find that an answer to a question addresses their question, reducing our costs.” ~ Ron Dawson

Q&A has effectively positioned ePestSupply as an influencer in the pest control space, with Google recognizing ePestSupply’s expert content as the most relevant for popular searches about common pest problems.

The Q&A landing pages that are created by Answerbase attract tens of thousands of new potential customers per month. As a result, ePestSupply has experienced years of search engine traffic growth due to their Q&A content. 

The following chart represents the last four years of search traffic to ePestSupply’s Q&A landing pages.

Ron shared his thoughts on the results.

“We made the right move in going with Answerbase, otherwise we would not have this traffic. Answerbase has doubled the overall traffic to our ecommerce site, and increased our organic search traffic by four times… sending tens of thousands of new customers to our site each month!” ~ Ron Dawson

ePestSupply continues to work with Shopper Approved and Answerbase to continue to optimize conversions and engage their customers. The Q&A providers look forward to servicing ePestSupply's needs for years to come as the company continues to scale.

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