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Is Q&A Important for SEO?

What You Will Learn in This Article

  1. Why Q&A is a vital component of SEO success
  2. How Shopper Approved’s one-of-a-kind Q&A tool makes Q&A easy for any business
  3. Some of the incredible results our clients experienced when they added Q&A to their website

Google is the world’s largest question and answer database, designed to answer search questions in the best way possible. In fact, there are over 321 million direct question based searches per day on Google in the US. If you are not directly and concisely answering the search questions about your company, category and products, you will not be successful online.

What is Q&A SEO from Shopper Approved?

The Shopper Approved Q&A tool powered by Answerbase is an ecommerce question and answer engine, designed specifically to rank your brand, category, and product questions and answers at the top of the organic search results, and specifically in the Featured Snippet position.

How Does Q&A Help My Website?

Our Google integration feeds you the questions you need to answer based on the search terms related to your products. Plus, competitor analysis shows you the product questions your competitors have answered, giving you all the tools to optimize content discovery, creation, and search visibility of high purchase intent, product-related questions, and answers, creating up to 4x more organic traffic.

Are Organic Search Positions Important?

The top search results get most of the traffic. Research shows the top 3 organic search results get from 54.4% of the search traffic (Backlinko) to 68% (First Page Sage). So if you want more site traffic, getting in the top 3 organic search positions is critical.

How Does Q&A Improve Traffic and Conversion?

The Shopper Approved Q&A engine is engineered to create dedicated pages for each question and answer, with the optimal markup that best fits the SEO requirements for top search and featured snippet positions. When your answer to the question appears in these top positions, it becomes the trusted answer that gets the majority of the clicks and conversions.

How Does Q&A Generate the Questions and Answers?

You can create your own questions and answers based on your personal and institutional knowledge of what people have asked your sales and support teams, as well as keyword research tools and Google Analytics to discover the search terms that drive traffic to yours and your competitors sites.

The Q&A engine also identifies product-related questions with proven customer demand and feeds you opportunities for content creation from several sources.

  • Google Search Questions: Shopper Approved Q&A connects directly with Google to feed you the specific product questions and frequency being asked in Google searches. Allowing you to create search-optimized questions and answers specifically for each product question.
  • Competitor Analysis: Q&A feeds you the product questions that your competitors (and Amazon) have addressed for the same products that both you and your competitors are selling. This gives you the ability to ensure you’re providing the best answers to those questions and out-rank them in search results.
  • Customer Engagement: Q&A powers product Q&A on your product pages, product category pages, and other content pages where visitors can ask new questions related to products that you can answer.

How Does Q&A Improve My Marketing?

Q&A is a powerful SEO and conversion tool that improves many of your key marketing metrics, including impressions, click rates, traffic and conversion rates.

  • Increased Impressions: Up to a 40% increase in overall search impressions through better search positions for long-tail product question searches
  • Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR): Up to 126% increase in organic clicks.
  • Increased Organic Traffic: Up to 400% or 4x.
  • Increased Conversion Rate (CR): Up to a 75% conversion rate, or up to a 9.37x increase over the average product page CVR of 8%.
  • Higher Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): Content that attracts customers with an average lifetime value (LTV) up to 2x higher than regular organic traffic.
  • Link Building: Answerbase automates internal link building with relevant search phrases related to products that have a proven demand on Google, increasing content visibility and ranking.
  • Enhanced Keyword & Keyphrase Discovery: Increased impressions for popular Google searches uncover opportunities for the creation of articles and other content.

Two examples of how Q&A increased conversions and SEO:


  • 4x higher click-through-rate (CTR) when compared to their normal organic traffic when Q&A was in the top search results
  • Average Search Position Data:
    • 23.6 for general site content
    • 20.3 for Q&A content

Read the full case study here


  • 6x higher click-through-rate (CTR) when Q&A was in the top search results.
  • Up to a 35% increase in overall search impressions
  • Average Search Position Data:
    • 17.5 for general site content
    • 11.4 for Q&A content

Read the full case study here


People want answers to questions and problems. This is what they use Google and other search engines to obtain. Having Q&A on your website increases the probability that this content (and your website) will show up high in search results.

This helps create a constant stream of high-quality, organic traffic flowing directly to your product pages, including buyers who are pre-converted and ready to make a purchase immediately based on your answer to their question.

In fact, up to 75% of visitors who get an answer to their product question via Shopper Approved Q&A end up buying from that merchant.

How Shopper Approved Can Help

You’ve seen how Q&A powered by Shopper Approved and Answerbase can help make SEO gold with better search results that lead to higher conversions and increased sales.
But Q&A is only one of multiple tools that Shopper Approved has created to help online retailers grow their business. Our entire Traffic & Conversion Suite was built to work together to help small businesses harness the power of social proof such as ratings, written reviews, video reviews, and more.

With Shopper Approved’s proven Traffic & Conversion Suite, your business can show up higher on search pages, increase brand visibility, and gain a growing customer base of fans and followers. Learn more about Q&A and our all our unique tools here.

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